Dark Circumventor

Hello from the dark side!

This will be a veeeeery short update regarding the new mode which will be included after release: Dark Circumventor

The objective is simple: can you balance light and darkness?

The player's job is to balance light and darkness by using the character's shine to get an area at a correct balance. This mode will be unlocked alongside Speedrun mode. For the game development itself, the game undergoes a series of changes:

  • Only 8 of 25 levels: due to time constraints and artist's late submissions, we won't make it through 25 levels, so we'll only include 8. The levels will include most elements in the story, just shortened
  • Generic Challenge mode: remember that most challenges are unique? That... won't happen, unfortunately due to time constraints. The challenges will be 2 of 5 preset challenges, just with different values.

Changes are supposed to be good, right? Unfortunately, that is NOT the case... so sorry

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