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This will be the first devlog. Hooray!

So, let's start on where the idea for this game came from.

As few gamers would say, games do not need complex graphics to be immersive. Games in this category are minimalistic, which includes visual novels, simple RPG games, retro-themed games and arcade-based games. While games like Grand Theft Auto V tried to be as realistic as possible to real-life, these games are the exact opposite; they tend to be as fantastical as possible, trying to picture the world in a different, nonsensical perspective. They usually came up from a simple dream, “what if” questions that small children usually do. The true minimalistic games are the one who achieved such fantasy with as little resource as possible.

This game attempts to do such thing, thinking outside the box while giving little care as to what is realistic. It’s not realistic because it wasn’t meant to be, but the philosophy behind the game’s events are. This game revolves around darkness – a concept that is still in debate among scientists – and a fictitious event where light just disappeared, leaving everything in darkness. This chain of events would be impossible in real life, but it shows just how dependent we are to the concept of light and its balance with darkness in this world.


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Oct 02, 2017

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