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Millenial Darkness

Why is light and darkness always come together?

Some things always came together because no one is perfect. No one is forever good, and no one is forever evil. No one loves something or someone forever, and no one hates it forever either. This was the concept of balance, a philosophical law stating that everything in the whole universe is equally important. This law covers everything with its opposite pairs, be it realistic or not. For example, this means that antimatter is just as important as matter, which everyone agrees. However, it is also true for virtues and sins, which everyone didn’t quite agree among each other. No matter how good of a person you are, you must do something wrong, whether to steal, to kill or to lie.

In theory, the realistic concept was widely accepted. Everything in the universe rests in a balance. When something moves, something else will move away. When there’s a positive action, there’s always a negative reaction. Homeostasis in human body is maintained. These refers to what we could observe. How about things that we couldn’t? How about virtues & sins, love & hate, and light & dark? Will the law apply to these abstract concepts?

This game tried to show the player that balance is important in all cases, even in abstract concepts such as love. This game starts off a few millennia after light cease to exist, tilting the balance. Over time, the player learned that light is pretty much required. Players will also learn, by the end of the game, that there can’t be too much light. Light and darkness worked separately, differs in function but worked harmoniously as one. Tilting the balance on one side is a trigger for catastrophic disaster.


  • Hansel Tonna: Lead Game Artist
  • Grace Sukoso: Map and UI Artist & Designer
  • Keza Kajendra: Game Artist
  • Amadeus Ariadi Prabowo: Programmer


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