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Last time we talked about the game modes and a slight introduction to all the characters. Well, let’s dig deeper into each character and the challenges the game faces in portraying these qualities

Let’s start with the problem. It’s not unusual for a game to have a bland story. They just don’t stick very well. Mario Bros series are one prime example of how a story could be so bland that some would just ignore them outright. Some games even have a story so complicated that no one can remember it all. Final Fantasy series, for example, have a multitude of characters each with their own backstory. This results in a cluster of mess that few can connect.

As a recurring theme, this game tried to be in the middle of this scale, one that has an impactful story which everyone can relate to in some way. Visual Novel games – a minimalistic genre, though not all – are on this range and this is what we’re trying to achieve.

The second problem in making a story-driven game is the portrayal. A player needs to feel a reason of doing things. Why would he do that? Why would she lie? Why would he cheat? These are frequently asked questions. Lack of this results in a good vs bad situation where one is always good, the other is always bad and the good always wins. Professor Snape of Harry Potter is a good reference on how a successful portrayal can affect the story.

Kevin was not always right, and not always good either. He isn’t perfect. If he was, he would’ve realized the effect of what he’s doing and the whole game would never happen. This is why Lisa was there, correcting him of what he’s done wrong. She is a perfectionist, enabling her to see even the smallest mistake. Even with that she was far from perfect. She worries too much on little things. She even worries on Kevin leaving the house to get a mail from the mailbox. A mail. Literally a MAIL

Seriously Lisa what are you doing

Anyway, discussing Brandon and Louis in detail would probably spoil the fun, but let’s give them a glance. Louis, as Kevin’s older brother, are the opposite. He is a daredevil, usually picking the hard route to things. Sometimes it’s appropriate, sometimes it’s not. His decision can sometimes do harm, and in this game, it was one of the most harmful decisions he’s ever made. Brandon, on the other hand, is a conservative man. Patience is a virtue for him, always waiting out for his enemies to strike before launching a deadly counter-strike.

With those character qualities in mind, the question remained, and it will be explored in later stages of the development. Just remember

An insight for this week is:

Introducing Kevin, the Monster! And the main character!

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