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Hello from the dark side!

This log was supposed to be published at November 5, but for some reason the internet failed, the assets turned up late for the insights , so yeah...

Long story short: the game is roughly 50% complete, the game modes are under testing and the story are quite done

For the long story:

The game modes are now being developed. The Speedrun mode is especially under heavy monitoring to be as balanced as possible. The Challenge mode is basically Story Mode with objectives, which all must be completed to unlock its Speedrun mode. For now, modes can't be chosen: By default the Story Mode will launch, and upon level complete the Challenge Mode will be the default mode. When all Story Mode levels are complete, all levels which has its Challenge Mode completed will have Speedrun mode as its default. This will change in the next update. For the Story mode, the prologue and the epilogue are not quite there yet. The foundation has already been made, but it wasn't developed properly yet.

For the deadline, we weren't sure if we can make it with this amount of content, so just wait for the next update!

We don't have any insights today... mainly because no assets have been correctly submitted by the artists...

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