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Sometimes talents could be way more complicated than it seems.

What if your talent was the reason why everyone's staying away from you?

Well, with the new start in a new city, Risa will start off from a blank page. In this new city, she will be training herself to fight against her talent and get new friends who will hopefully understand her. However, among her potential friends were one of her former classmates who had known of all her flaws

The objective of this game is to:

  1. Control your desires
  2. Choose among all the characters - which one is her former classmate?

To do this objective, you'll investigate each and every character of their potential to be your next best friend or your next worst enemy, but your investigation must remain hidden - do not give them any impression that you're investigating them!


  • Choices are important - ask each of the characters carefully, use their strengths and weaknesses to assess whether they are telling the truth, or devising a plan to destroy your reputation. Do not ask too much nor too little!
  • Avoid turn of events - there's a reason why this game is called "The Turn", okay? You should avoid any surprising events - things might go downhill faster than expected.
  • Use your chances sparingly - you must be careful on how many chances you used to investigate a particular character. Sometimes it's better to ask another character before asking again, or avoid the character entirely


The game is scheduled to be released on October or November, depending on the schedule in the following months

I am also running in a tight budget, so a donation is highly appreciated! :)

Thank you for everyone's interest in this game!

Help Required

Most of this game's assets came from the community who was willing to give their asset away. Therefore in the matter of resources, this game is limited. The resources that are limited in this game are mostly

  • Art assets - CG, BG, Characters, and
  • Voice Acts

Due to the license of all those things above, limitations have been placed to the game to comply with the license

So, I need some help from

  • Artists who are willing to make from scratch, re-create or edit the game's art
  • Coders - especially in C# for Unity and Python for Ren'Py - who are willing to help me in coding (I'm a coder myself)
  • Voice Actresses who are willing to voice the text over
  • Proofreaders who are willing to fix grammatical and spelling error, added with giving alternate words (well, just see this text and see the grammar by yourself)

In these circumstances, unfortunately I am starting with limited budget and therefore I cannot pay any of you. However, In the next game (The Turn 2) anyone who helped will be given exclusive rights over the development of the game, including determining the game's outcome/ending

If you are interested, feel free to contact me via e-mail: viryadharmawan@gmail.com


  • Amorphous - Music
  • WaffleMeido - Character
  • Konett - Character
  • Wifom - Character
  • Ran - Character
  • Reyna - Character

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